Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are the most up to date and versatile blind on the market. Perfect Fit blinds are measured to fit exactly into the recess of your UPVC windows and fully integrate as part of the window frame. The frames are available in 3 different colours to match your windows, in White, Golden Oak, and Dark Brown.

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Perfect Fit International

Perfect Fit International, is the system developed for roof blinds and offers the most convenient and efficient shading solution for your conservatory or sunroom.
No screws are needed to fix these blinds, as the securing brackets are eased between the glazing and the rubber seal. The blinds frames are clipped on to these brackets, and removed with a slot head screwdriver in seconds, this makes cleaning and maintenance very simple.

Perfect Fit

Perfect fit is the system developed for side window blinds, and operates on the same system of similar brackets.
3 Different types of blinds can be used in perfect fit frames. Pleated blinds, Roller blinds, and Venetian blinds.

Perfect Fit International Pleated Roof blinds

As well as looking good in the side windows of your conservatory pleated blinds add a stunning display to the roof. Most heat gain or loss comes from the roof, especially if it is glass. Perfect fit International Pleated roof blinds are the answer. Operation is via a clip and twist rod which fastens onto the handle of the blind. Alternatively, your Pleated roof blinds, can be electrically operated, or via a small crank handle at the base of each blind.

Perfect fit Roller blinds

Roller blinds without the need for screw fixings! Roller blinds that don’t flap in a breeze! Available in a large variety of patterns and fabrics, they offer a stunning effect for every window.

Perfect fit Venetian (15, and 25mm slat size only)

Perfect fit Venetian blinds, are the ultimate in Venetian window shading. The blind is manufactured to fit in it’s own Perfect fit frame. This frame clips onto brackets which slides between the window glazing and the rubber seal. It’s perfect, no screws! It makes a perfect blind because the sides of the blind are not visible, and what’s more, if you have the tension option, it comes without cords, and is operated by raising the bottom bar by hand. It will stop where you want it. Perfect fit Venetian blinds look good in conservatories, patio doors, in fact any type of window! Perfect fit Venetian blinds, come in white golden oak, or dark brown frames.

We have a wide selection of bespoke perfect fit blinds available for 7 day completion.

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