Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters are a contemporary finish to modern and older style windows, including sash and all opening out windows.

Traditionally made of hardwood, but are available in PVC which is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, where there is a higher degree of moisture. Hardwood shutters can also cope with these environments.

They can also be attached to windows if there is no recess, but the most practical solution is to fit shutters as close to existing windows, with a frame inside the recess.

Shutters need to complement the existing windows, so from the outside they hide any vertical supports in the frames which are called T posts.

The beauty of wood shutters is that the light can be managed by operating the horizontal louvres with a centre control rod fixed to each panel, or with a hidden tilt system, where you operate the louvres by twisting the louvres by hand. This gives a pleasing look to your window shutters without having a vertical rod. It also aids dusting too!

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  • wooden shutters kitchen
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