Wood Weave Blinds

Wood weave Roman blinds, made from natural materials like bamboo, give a fashionable yet authentic look to your home. The unique structure of a wood weave blind allows the gentle filtration of natural light to penetrate through their structure. Wood weave blinds are made from natural renewable materials.

  • tobago walnut wood weave
  • martinique natural woodweave blinds
  • woodweave blinds
  • tobago walnut woodweave blinds
  • wood weave blinds
  • wood weave blinds
  • wood weave blinds
  • wood weave blinds


Care should be taken when cleaning this product. The best way is with a Vacuum cleaner and soft brush end. Take care not to use a powerful suction vacuum cleaner, as damage to the fibres could result.

Health and Safety

Care must be taken with hanging cords regarding young children, and vulnerable persons, due to the danger of strangulation. Cord tidies or the shortening of cords where possible is recommended. A health and safety warning tag is enclosed with each blind, for your instruction, and appropriate fixings to avoid danger of harm.

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